Our four station Oxygen Bar is a relaxing Aromatherapy experience. You can choose from 16 different scents while breathing 93% Oxygen.

Michelle Peck, who has performed hyperbaric oxygen facials on Madonna, demonstrates on Evie Evangelou, a spa publicist. The treatment is supposed to make skin look dewier and smoother.


We make the air that you breathe better






Breathe Life Into Your Business

Boost your business profitability with viable, exciting oxygen products and services.  The opportunity for growth and profitability are endless with so many ways to add this new wellness amenity to your business.


The benefits of oxygen enriched air can be delivered by means of a complete enrichment system, which can raise oxygen-enriched air levels in an entire room.  We also offer personal enriched air generators, which are simple, portable plug-in units that operate with comfortable headsets.  Enriched air generators are versatile, and they can provide oxygen enhanced skin treatments.


An oxygen enriched room system is great for tanning rooms to increase melanin for a darker tan and decrease burning. This creates a less harmful environment for your skin to artificially suntan.


 How to incorporate oxygen into your existing services:                                                                                                        

Provide oxygen enriched rooms for massage and facial treatments and sell the oxygen treatment as an optional add-on to the treatment.                                                                                                               

Offer oxygen enriched rooms and raise your current pricing for treatments which include oxygen enrichment.


Install personal generators for massage/treatment rooms and offer them as an add-on to treatments.  This is also a great option for the spa/salon that does not want a custom installation of a machine and wall panel.                                                                                                                   

Provide personal generators in the waiting area and sell the oxygen on its own as an oxygen session.


Include personal generators with massage chairs and sell it as a relaxation session.


Provide one OXY AIR SYSTEM that powers up to four individual oxygen relaxation stations using free standing or wall-mounted panels.


Install an OXY AIR SYSTEM for the 3-in-1 Oxygen Facial System and use for oxygen sessions or as total room oxygen enrichment system when custom installed.



As a spa and salon owner, you can promote oxygen services as a natural extension of the spa and salon experience.  You can increase profitability by offering oxygen sessions in addition to the spa and salon services you already provide.  Adding oxygen to a spa or salon’s menu is an ideal way for you to earn additional revenue while boosting business. Offering your clients oxygen sessions in conjunction with your other main services will increase your profits and make your company unique from competitors performing the same service in your area.



A healthy lifestyle is on everyone’s mind these days.  Along with fitness and nutrition, oxygen services and products have gained in popularity as way to enhance one’s health and lifestyle. Oxygen services and products can reduce stress and fatigue and improve exercise ability, while improving one’s general well-being.

Help your customers maximize their workouts and treatments with the added amenity of oxygen services.