We have all seen and heard of the benefit of the intake of extra oxygen. Included here are a list of websites and references for you to read up on. The intake of enriched air oxygen has proven time and time again to be a beneficial and easy way to supplement your life.
Major home appliance maker Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. said it has confirmed in joint studies with the Nagoya Institute of Technology that 30% concentrated oxygen helps boost memory. Furthermore, oxygen may also be useful for preventing Alzheimer’s disease said Matsushita’s Home Appliance Group.
 In another experiment with the Nagoya Institute of Technology, the Home Appliance Group found that rats given highly concentrated oxygen for three weeks showed improved memory compared with rats that were not given supplemental oxygen. It was also discovered that continued intake of such oxygen has induced expressions of 26 genes related to learning and memory, including the one that is known to prevent Alzheimer’s and ischemic cell damage.
 The Effect of Oxygen Administration on Cerebrum Lateralization in Verbal Task - Brain Research Institute, Chungnam National University - 1999
 Nocturnal Room Oxygen Enrichment Improves Sleep Ventilation & Well Being Following Rapid Ascent To High Altitudes.
  Andrew Luks, MSII, J West, MD, PhD, Igor Grant, MD and Frank Powell PhD University of California, San Diego This study shows that by increasing the oxygen content of a bedroom by 1% you reduce its altitude effects by 300m or 925ft. The study also used test subjects to prove that by increasing the oxygen content at altitude you increase sleep quality and reduce possible altitude mountain sickness related problems.
 Department of Biomedical Engineering, College of Medicine, Konkuk University, 322 Danwall-dong, Chungju, Chungbuk 380-701, South Korea.
 The present study attempted to observe what changes the supply of highly concentrated (30%) oxygen cause to people’s ability and cerebrum lateralization of verbal cognition, compared to air of normal oxygen concentration (21%). Functional brain images were taken from 3T MRI using the single-shot EPI method. There were more activations observed at the occipital, parietal, temporal, and frontal lobes, but there were no changes in cerebrum lateralization with 30% oxygen administration. The result of task performance showed the accuracy increased at 30% concentration of oxygen rather than 21%’s. It is concluded that the positive effect on the verbal cognitive performance level by the highly concentrated oxygen administration was due to changeless increase of left and right cerebrum activation.
  Recently the World Anti-Doping Agency has stated that they will not band oxygen enriched air tents at athletic events. More and more every day people are realizing that supplemental oxygen enriched air is safe and beneficial. http://edition.cnn.com/2006/SPORT/football/05/04/england.rooney/                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
MANCHESTER, England -- England striker Wayne Rooney will undergo treatment in an oxygen chamber in his bid to recover from a foot injury in time for the World Cup. Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson said the club would do all it could to help Rooney get fit for next month's tournament. http://www.nytimes.com/2006/04/06/fashion/thursdaystyles/06skin.html
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Does the Quick-Fix Oxygen Facial Really Work?  
"It's the ultimate hydration therapy that makes your skin look better instantly and stay that way for a few days," said Dr. Katchen. The facials may provide a moisture boost that makes skin smoother so that it is easier to apply makeup, he said.  
Who inhales PURE Oxygen?...  
The secret to 52-year-old Simon Cowell's youthful looks has been revealed. The X Factor judge has admitted he inhales oxygen from cans and even takes them to auditions with him. TV producer and music exec Simon Cowell is looking pretty good for his 52 years, and he has at last revealed his secret. He takes extra oxygen wherever he goes! Simon admitted in a recent interview that during auditions for Britain's Got Talent, one of the TV shows where he is on the judging panel, he inhales oxygen from a can.



We make the air that you breathe better






Atmospheric Oxygen Levels Falling

Environment News Service (ENS)

1999: July 19, 1999SYDNEY, Australia, July 19, 1999 (ENS)

As levels of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide rise, concentrations of oxygen in our air have fallen, according to scientists at the Australian government research organization, CSIRO, the Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organization. "As fossil fuels burn, they generate carbon dioxide, using up oxygen in the process," explained Ray Langenfelds from CSIRO Atmospheric Research. "About half of the carbon dioxide from fossil fuels remains in the atmosphere," he says. Scientists from CSIRO have measured the miniscule decline in oxygen that has occurred during the past 20 years, the longest period over which such an assessment has been made. The team analyzed air dating back to 1978 from CSIRO's unique archive of pristine air collected at the remote Cape Grim Baseline Air Pollution Station operated by the CSIRO and Bureau of Meteorology in northwestern Tasmania.


CSIRO's oxygen measurements have been made with technology available only recently and provide what researchers say is an important constraint on identification of the factors that are influencing growth of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Findings based on the decline in oxygen have just been published in the international journal, "Geophysical Research Letters." "The changes we are measuring represent just a tiny fraction of the total amount of oxygen in our air - 20.95 percent by volume. The oxygen reduction is just 0.03 percent in the past 20 years and has no impact on our breathing," Langenfelds stated. "Typical oxygen fluctuations indoors or in city air would be far greater than this." The oxygen measurements shed new light on the extent to which the world's forests and oceans share the task of absorbing half the carbon dioxide generated by burning of fossil fuels. "While the oceans emerge as the slightly larger long-term sink, plants are clearly soaking up more carbon dioxide with time. If they weren't, levels of carbon dioxide would be far higher," says Langenfelds. Although deforestation during the past 20 years has released vast quantities of carbon dioxide, remaining plants are taking up much of this gas.


As plants photosynthesize, they produce oxygen, explaining why the oxygen decline in air has been less than expected. Researchers speculate that plants today could be growing more rapidly than in the past due to warmer conditions, higher carbon dioxide concentrations or increased nitrogen fertilization. Previously cleared land may be returning to forest, also absorbing carbon dioxide.

Madonna buys oxygen machines

Saturday, February 18 2006, 16:47 GMT - by Daniel Kilkelly

Madonna has bought oxygen machines for each of her homes.


The singer gives herself regular oxygen facials to improve her complexion, as well as using the machines to provide extra energy when she suffers from jet lag.


"You can take the oxygen machine and inhale if you're feeling really tired or jet-lagged, which is one of the reasons I have them at home," Madonna told a German magazine. "You just lie down for 10 minutes and put it in your nose. They are really great."

"It (Oxygen used to finish off a facial), is a bit like choosing the wax option at the end of a car wash. And it has remarkably similar results - your skin glows." -American Vogue000000
Want to boost your energy, reduce stress, and get relief from headaches and hangovers? Try oxygen bars, say proponents... Juice Bars. Wine Bars. Coffee Bars. And now... Oxygen Bars? Yep, popping up all over the U.S. (as well as Canada and Japan, where the craze is thought to have begun because of the serious air pollution there), oxygen bars sell "hits" of 40% oxygen...... "It invigorated me" said Kristi Huddelson, owner, who said she wants to share the experience with others. - WebMD Feature.
Oxygen is being hailed as the latest cure for aging skin. Throw out those AHAs and invest in some air. Oxygen is taking over as the latest word in beauty. Stars gasping for air include Uma Thurman, famous for her dewy skin, and a fan of the "double oxygen facial". Remedy, the hot favorite at New York's Bliss Spa, the salon frequented by Calvin Klein, Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington, is said to release oxygen every 40 minutes over each 12 hours.



Oxygen systems as featured on Tyra Banks Show, MTV’s Dismissed, Urban Myths, and Fox’s Extreme Dating, and Discovery Channel’s Most Extreme™  oxygen systems trend has everyone talking from Hollywood celebrities like Woody Harrelson and Kirstie Ally to media like MTV, the LA Times and People Magazine. Here’s what people say about the oxygen craze!