How Can Concentrated Oxygen and Oxygen Therapy Help?

Benefits of oxygen enriched air are endless! From quicker exercise recovery to aid in a restful sleep and more beautiful skin, breathing enriched air is a smart way to live a productive and healthy life.

Oxygen Enriched Air also alleviates high altitude symptoms including shortness of breath, headaches, fatigue, insomnia and nausea. A higher concentration of oxygen will provide a more restful sleep, an increased ability to exercise and a general feeling of well being.

The Health Benefits of Supplemental Oxygen Therapy

There are a number of reasons a person uses supplemental oxygen therapy. Additionally, supplemental oxygen is taken in different dosages and concentrations. No matter how supplemental oxygen is received, it results in a number of health benefits for the user. If you're interested in the health benefits of supplemental oxygen therapy, check out this list.

Organ Health

When the human body doesn't receive enough oxygen, all of the body systems suffer. It's not just the functions of the organs that are impacted, however. The health of a number of vital organs -- including the lungs, heart and brain -- all become damaged if the body does not receive enough oxygen. This is remedied with supplemental oxygen therapy.

Symptom Relief

One of the primary reasons that supplemental oxygen therapy is recommended is because of its ability to reduce and alleviate symptoms of various health disorders. Oxygen therapy is a response to a number of breathing disorders, including COPD. The symptoms of these adverse health problems are reduced by taking higher concentrations of oxygen. COPD patients who receive long-term oxygen administration during respiratory failure have higher rates of survival than those who do not receive oxygen. Approximately one million Americans receive long-term oxygen.

Better Sleep

One of supplemental oxygen therapy's main benefits is the fact that it allows a person to receive more efficient and comfortable sleep. This naturally impacts almost every other facet of their lives. People on supplemental oxygen therapy often have more energy and the ability to rest more efficiently.

Better Mood

For a lot of people, supplemental oxygen therapy is the key to feeling better and expressing happiness. The culmination of all of the therapy's other benefits come together in the shape of improved psychological help. The healthier, higher-functioning levels of your organs and organ systems are sure to boost your mood and relationships with those around you.

Ultimately, there are a lot of good reasons for people to get on supplemental oxygen therapy. Nonetheless, there are a number of health benefits that apply to people with a variety of ailments.

Boost your Libido

Using supplemental oxygen can help you boost your libido prolonging intimacy, an added benefit for both partners. Fact is that 90% of our energy is derived from oxygen and the other 10% is derived from food and water, wouldn't it stand to reason that the more oxygen we take in, the more stamina we would have?

Benefits of Enriched Air Include:


A natural remedy for:     

*Fatigue due to jet-lag or travel

*Headaches and hangovers

*Problems associated with high altitude

*Sleepless nights

*Anti-aging effect 

*Boost your libido 



Use before, during and after exercise for:

• An increase in energy

• Quicker recovery from exercise and fatigue

• Relief of muscle soreness

• Accelerated fat burning potential and weight loss


Use as a wellness aid for: 

Increased lung, heart and brain function

• Increased focus and concentration

• Improve digestion

• Mental and physical relaxation

• Stabilize nervous system

• Strengthened the immune system

• Overall feeling of well-being

                                                                                                                           Use for more beautiful skin:

• Helps neutralize damaging free radicals

• Speeds healing of irritated or damaged skin

• Promotes the renewal of epidermal cells

• Helps eliminate toxins

Use in the car for:

• Increase focus and concentration on long drives

• Relief of nausea or motion sickness

• Improve circulation


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