What happens to the human body at high altitude?

When you travel to altitude, your body senses lack of oxygen in the bloodstream. When you sleep, your bone marrow slowly starts producing more red blood cells. As you create more red blood cells, your oxygen carrying capacity increases, and you "adjust" to the altitude. This happens during restful sleep, so if you are not sleeping well due to jet-lag headaches, elevated pulse, alcohol intake or insomnia, you will not produce the red blood cells as quickly, and the acclimation period is prolonged

What can non-medical oxygen do?

Reported benefits of recreational oxygen include: increase in energy, aid in restful sleep, relief of headaches, hangovers and altitude problems, relief of nausea, aid in digestion, quicker muscle recovery, increase in focus and clarity, detoxification of liver and circulatory system, boosting the immune system and contributing to an overall feeling of wellness.

How much of our energy comes from oxygen?

90% of our bodies’ energy comes from oxygen, 10% comes from food and water. Oxygen is used for metabolism on a cellular level; every cell in your body needs oxygen for its functions. We breathe about 28,800 times every day.

(20 per min. x 60 min.(1 hour) =1200 x 24 hour = 28,800 breaths in a day.)

Do I need a prescription for this?

No. We provide recreational oxygen, well below any medical levels. OXY AIR SYSTEMS services and equipment are not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any medical condition or illness. If you have a condition related to or affected by the use of oxygen please consult your physician prior to using our products.

What is the oxygen content of the air we breathe?

The air we breathe is about 17-21% oxygen, 75% nitrogen, and the remainder is a combination of other atmospheric gases.

What other services do you provide? 

OXY AIR SYSTEMS can provide an oxygen bar for events and private parties. We are also a wholesale distributor for Personal Bottled Oxygen.

How do you accept payment?

We accept all major credit cards, money orders and PayPal.

Is there any fire danger with OXY AIR SYSTEMS generators?                                                       

None of our machines contain any pressurized gasses. There is never any compressed air kept in the lines, all machines are designed to turn off with excessive heat and have automatic shut down after 30 minutes of use. Oxygen is NOT flammable, but it will make an existing flame burn more rapidly. Studies have shown that in a 60% oxygen enriched environment there is no increase in fire production.

Are custom-made machines available?

Custom-made machines are available to fit any size room, home, or commercial space. Many features can be added to enhance your oxygen-enriched air system. OXY AIR SYSTEMS are capable of making a machine to fit any size building, office, gym, school. Just give us a call.


How is recreational OXY AIR SYSTEMS different than medical oxygen?

Medical oxygen is concentrated to levels that must be monitored by a doctor when being used. You must have a prescription to obtain it and a license to dispense it and it may be expensive. Recreational oxygen does not require a prescription or a license, and it is safe and affordable to use. Recreational oxygen is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any medical condition. If you have a condition related to or affected by the use of oxygen, you should consult with your doctor prior to use of oxygen. Recreational oxygen should NEVER be used in substitution for a medical prescribed device.



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What is altitude sickness? 

Altitude sickness is the response of your body adjusting to lower levels of available oxygen. Symptoms range from barely noticeable to requiring hospitalization. Symptoms usually dissipate over 24-96 hrs. Depending on a variety of factors (i.e. metabolism, restful sleep,hydration, use or non-use of alcohol, use of supplemental oxygen). When you are sleeping at higher altitude than you are used to, your bone marrow produces more red blood cells (hemoglobin), increasing your oxygen carrying capability.